Expansion of Human Capital Through Transformation

As the organization grows, it is also important to focus on people’s management. The only factors of production that can be increased without limitation is the human resources.

  • Structuring the Organization, segregation of authority and power in relation to duties and responsibilities.
  • Corporate governance and succession plan
  • Increased Employee productivity, assessing KRAs & fixing up of KPIs
  • Performance management system, rewards & recognition programs
  • Retention techniques & process
  • Design and delivery of induction program for new employees
  • Personality development – positive attitude, motivation and stress management
  • Functional competency – selling, negotiation and business communication skills
  • Managerial skills – leadership, team building, decision making and delegation
  • Change and conflict management

Accounting, Auditing, Taxation and Business consulting are common requirements in today’s complex business world. At JMC, we pay special attention to understand the nature of your issues and help you solve them in an efficient manner.